Meeting with parents

March 23, 2023

On January 27, 2023, a meeting with the parents of students was held at the Department of Psychology of the AIU. 

The event was held in a warm, friendly atmosphere, where parents met with lecturers. Together with the parents, they discussed the content of the curriculum, showed the parents what disciplines the students will take during their undergraduate studies.

Parents suggested inviting more practicing psychologists as guest lecturers so that students could see and practice different tools in psychology.

Parents were informed about the PMS and OCS systems, where the curriculum of academic disciplines, syllabuses, lectures, presentations, scientific articles, textbooks, monographs and other materials are loaded for each subject. Each student of the department has an individual password and login to visit the specified page.

Thus, parents received full information about the academic performance of their children and expressed gratitude to the organizers.