How a student helped to make repairs in a state institution

May 10, 2023

In recent years, charity in Kyrgyzstan has strengthened its position. Absolutely anyone can be engaged in beneficence, regardless of age, profession and social status. It has become noticeable that young people strive to help those in need both morally and financially.

The story of Aigerim Tashmukanbetova proves that simply helping people brings real spiritual pleasure. Aigerim, a 4th-year student of the Ala-Too International University, shared how she helped to make a big repair in the Rehabilitation Center for Children and families (baby house) in Bishkek.

The beginning of charitable activities

When I was in the 1st year, one of my friends said that he wanted to donate money. He asked me to help with this, since he was abroad. I agreed, got the money and started looking for vulnerabilities in Bishkek. I have a small audience on Instagram, where I post photos of places that need help. Thanks to the large number of reposts, money was received for donations from complete strangers.

I bought groceries, baby supplies and other necessary things for those in need. Coordinated all the funds and posted a report in stories. At that moment, I felt a certain warmth in my soul, because you become necessary to a person who is in a difficult situation. Helping people gives me motivation to keep going.

The first big gathering during Ramadan

In the holy month of Ramadan 2022, I managed to collect 916,312 soms. 128 thousand soms were received during the day. There were many money transfers from famous media personalities and other strangers. I was surprised that they trusted me with their money, and this creates a huge responsibility. At first, I bought groceries, then I wanted to do something more.

Repair of the Rehabilitation center (baby house) in Bishkek 

I had an internship, also volunteered at this center, where I learned that repairs were needed. A lot of work was done in two months: installation of CCTV cameras in every room and around the perimeter of the building, minor repairs in the laundry, painted the facade of the building, replaced wiring, bought new furniture. I posted all the stages of repair on Instagram as a report.

There were not indifferent sponsors who bought products for children, one domestic company gave tiles, and another built modern playgrounds for free. One family completely renovated one room. Thus, the center has become a place with all amenities.

Desire to go further

I still try to collect money and help even in small things. As a psychologist, I plan to work in the long term with orphanages and boarding schools. As you know, we are all imperfect and trouble can happen to each of us. At some point, we may also need the help of other people. Helping someone today, we can count on similar help tomorrow, because any good deed will surely come back to us!