What will people say?

December 10, 2020

Happy to share with the new research, which was conducted by the second course of Psychology faculty!

This study considers a very urgent problem of the Kyrgyz people- weddings, namely the influence of the concept of "el emne deit?" ("What will people say?")  to Kyrgyz weddings.

After studying this topic in detail, we found out that the average salary in the Kyrgyz Republic is 16,427 s., while the average cost of a wedding is 689 500 s. Strong influence of "El emne deit?" ("What will people say?") leads wedding planners to illiterate spendings. According to the Kyrgyz Fund, on average, every twentieth loan taken by the Kyrgyz people is spent on tois. The leading region is the city of Osh, where every sixth loan is taken on credit. The main borrowers are men, who make up 19.4% of the total population of the country. In addition, the group put forward the hypothesis "The influence of the concept of “el eme deit” leads to moral damage"

In order to find arguments that would support our hypothesis, we conducted an online survey. Two types of questionnaires were created: for newlyweds and for parents. In total, 27 families participated, who held weddings for young people in 2020.

For detailed results, please open this document (you can insert a document).

After analyzing the answers, we concluded: the concept of "El emne deit?" plays a leading role in Kyrgyz weddings. (Respondents rated the impact of this concept on a scale of 0-5, 60% of respondents gave a rating of 5/5.) This concept causes people to spend money unnecessarily, which leads to internal disagreements and quarrels in the family. When asked "Have there been any fights during the wedding?", where 71.8% answered  affirmatively and admitted that the concept of “El eme deit? played a significant role in this.