About us

Welcome to “Psychology” Department of the Humanities Faculty at International Ala-Too


We prepare students for the implementation of psychological services using methods and technologies in a selected area of ​​professional activity, to carry out applied research activities to solve professional problems, and also analyze psychological properties and conditions, characteristics of mental processes, activities of individuals and groups.

Students will learn to use scientific knowledge systems about the world and society for the development of their worldview, perception of different views and cultural diversity, knowledge and understanding of the sustainable development concept, as well as participate in psychological research, diagnostics of the development of cognitive, motivational-volitional sphere of children and adults in various scientific and practical fields of psychology.

A psychology degree allows you to deal with applied psychology, as well as psychological research and teaching. Students of the program will learn about ways to improve the educational process in kindergartens, schools, institutions of secondary special and higher education. Students during their studies can also become members of research groups, conduct research and work on scientific publications based on their results.

It is important that graduates of the department of “Psychology” can work in educational institutions, in research institutes and laboratories, in clinics, in state and commercial structures, in departments of the Ministry of Emergencies and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, at public opinion research centers, on the helpline, in industrial enterprises, in marketing, personnel, advertising services and public relations agencies. Moreover, our graduates can work in many other areas related to communication, such as Journalism and Jurisprudence, since the availability of psychological training makes it easier to understand the behavior of individuals and social groups.